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Digital Dialog has executed several travel and tourism influencer marketing campaigns for different clients across Europe.

We began each campaign by researching and engaging with the right influencers for each brand. Picking the right influencers to work with is critical to an influencer marketing campaign’s success. Digital Dialog has established long-standing relationships with a range of influencers not just across tourism and travel but lifestyle, gastronomy and specialist niches such as sports and adventure, so can hand-pick influencers who are closely aligned with your campaign’s goals. Influencers are shortlisted based on the three Rs principle: their relevance, resonance and reach. We don’t just look at follower numbers, but also the influencer’s audience, engagement and the quality of their content. This ensures that each campaign post will be shared with an active and engaged target audience.

For every campaign, Digital Dialog also negotiates the contract and deliverables with each influencer. There are optional additional services that we can offer as well, including full project management, depending on unique client needs. You can discover more about these services here.

Switzerland Winter Influencer Campaign

Switzerland Tourism wanted to promote Swiss cities and specifically winter sports. It targeted regular skiers and snowboarders, as well as novices and people looking for an authentic Swiss winter. It wanted to promote itself as the ultimate destination for winter sports and to create an emotional connection between visitors and the snow.

Digital Dialog achieved this through a highly-targeted influencer marketing campaign. Influencers with travel and snow enthusiast audiences were engaged by Digital Dialog and their suitability for the campaign assessed. This was based on a number of factors including the type of posts they created and whether this aligned with Switzerland’s goals, their tone of voice and their engagement. Each influencer and established blogger then visited several winter sports regions in Switzerland and spread the word about the destination through social media and other channels.

The result was over 10,000 social media engagements and the associated brand awareness that was generated through the exposure. The Switzerland team also gained over 200 pieces of unique content from the influencers that could be reused as needed. Finally, Switzerland grew its reputation as the original winter sports destination amongst its target audience of snow enthusiasts and skiers.

Visit Wales

To promote Wales’ Year of Legends we were asked by Visit Snowdonia to raise the profile of three distinct County Councils. Combined with a digital marketing campaign, we engaged with local celebrity influencers to increase awareness of Gwynedd, Anglesey, Llandudno and also to Snowdonia National Park - with the ultimate goal of driving more traffic to their websites.

You can read more about this case study here.

Swiss foodies and luxury travel

Switzerland wanted to gain a reputation as a luxury foodie and travel destination. It wished to highlight the exceptional charm of Switzerland and promote it as the place to be for travellers looking for a quick city break.

Digital Dialog worked with travel influencers who specialised in the luxury market and food segment. We ensured that each influencer had a highly engaged following who were interested in trying good food and exploring other countries. Each influencer had a unique experience in Switzerland, from trying Emmental cheese created over a fire, to eating dinner on top of the Gurten mountain.

The campaign generated over 200 pieces of unique content for the Switzerland team to repurpose when needed. Over the course of the campaign, there were over 10,000 engagements on the influencers’ and Switzerland’s social media content.

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