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We stay ahead of the game, implementing the latest advertising technology, catching budding travel trends, and optimising our tactics with every campaign. We’re experts at all kinds of media buying such as programmatic, native, paid search, social and email. Combining this expertise with our knowhow of the tourism, travel and hospitality industry it's easy to see why we're regarded as a specialist marketing agency by some of the world's most popular travel brands.

Powerful insights to drive your campaign

The combined power of our existing, proprietary campaign data alongside previous experience works to the advantage of every new campaign we create.

Our ever growing respository of campaign insights and data across several markets and platforms allow us to predict important metrics such as audience reach, engagement, cost per objective and several other metrics critical to a campaign’s success. No matter the size of campaign, we know exactly where to focus to make the most of your budget.

We’re connected

We’re your one stop shop within the travel ecosystem, from specialist niche publications, to influencers and bloggers, to travel agency partnerships and specialist data companies. Reap the benefits of truly multichannel campaigns – in dozens of countries, and in multiple languages –without having too many chefs spoiling the broth.

Meet the team


Founder, Head of Strategy

As head of strategy at Digital Dialog, Manu leads an enthusiastic team of digital marketers who devise strategy and manage campaigns on a day-to-day basis. With an extensive background in digital marketing and technology, Manu uses a very hands-on approach to crafting engaging concepts and clever strategies for our clients. In addition to keeping his team motivated and clients happy, Manu regularly blogs about the latest trends and topics within digital and digital for tourism and travel.

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