5 Star Lead Generation


Occupancy rates of 5 star hotels in Geneva lag those of 3 and 4 star hotels during weekends. Hotel bookings through the Geneva Tourism website did not fare that well either – while 21% of all overnight stays in the city were in a 5 star hotel, they made up only 3% of bookings made through the Geneva Tourism website.

The site was underperforming selling luxury packages and Geneva Tourism turned to Digital Dialog to improve this.


As this was the first Geneva Tourism campaign specifically for 5 star hotels, they were keen to capture as many leads as possible for future marketing of offers. Digital Dialog developed a campaign that involved awareness and lead generation aimed at those who usually stay in 3 & 4 star hotels, enticing them with attractive offers of staying in 5 star hotels for the price of a 4 star...

Target audience

The key audience of the campaign were travellers who usually stay in 4*hotels on short breaks. The goal was to attract them with dedicated offers that could make the price of a 5 star hotel comparable to a 4 star over the weekends, tempting them to upgrade their stay. With an age range of 40+ we targeted audiences based on:

1. Interests

2. Activities

3. High-end and luxury brands (accommodation, restaurants, retail)

4. Travel patterns and habits (frequency, airlines, hotels, transportation)

5. Demographics


We designed a competition, which was central to raising awareness and generating leads. The prize was 2-night stay for 2 in a 5 star hotel with breakfast and flights included. To promote the competition we designed and developed a bespoke landing page exuding the luxury and opulence of a 5 star hotel in Geneva. Aside from collecting basic data from the visitors, we learnt about their interests by encouraging them to pick their preferred Geneva activity; fine dining, watchmaking tour, cruise on the lake etc.

We used Facebook, Twitter and a targeted email campaign to drive visitors to the landing page. The aim was to inspire visitors to:

- Consider Geneva as an appealing and luxurious city break destination

- Be attracted by the luxury of it's 5 star hotels

- Entice them with the 4 star prices of the participating 5 star hotels

- Attract them to the competition so they would sign up as a lead for future marketing messages


Reached over half a million people with campaign

Generated 10,000 high quality leads