Turn browsers into buyers.

Bring back the 98% who didn’t.

Strategic Retargeting

Every retargeting campaign must begin with a well thought out strategy. Strategy that is built right into the foundation of your retargeting activities.

At Digital Dialog, we don’t rush into a retargeting campaign. We take the time to carefully understand your business, evaluate your website and analyse how your visitors use your site. We also like to learn a little about your ongoing marketing activities so we can determine how retargeting can complement and contribute to your business objectives. We then look at the different flavours of retargeting and match the most relevant method based on your business objectives.

Our Retargeting Services

Site retargeting

This is the most common form of retargeting. It allows you to target and follow visitors to your site by displaying banner ads on websites they visit afterwards. Every time they see your retargeting ads, your brand gains traction and more recognition. This repeated exposure results in high click-through rates and increased conversions.

Facebook retargeting

When users log onto Facebook, they can be retargeted with a relevant ad based on the site they were browsing or the products they were searching for. It’s done via the Facebook Advertising Exchange (FBX), a real-time-bidding ad exchange that allows advertisers to serve tailored display ads, which can be displayed within the newsfeed or the right-hand rail.

Search retargeting

Search retargeting leverages intent data captured during a users search journey . It allows you to target those who have searched for similar or competing services but haven’t yet visited your site. By combining intent from search with the power of display, we can create a highly effective search retargeting solution.

Mobile retargeting

Mobile retargeting refers to the fact that the reach of your retargeting campaign can be extended over mobile devices. Site, Search and Facebook retargeting can all be extended over to mobile devices.

Personalised retargeting

Personalised retargeting a.k.a dynamic ads enable displaying an ad tailored to the visitor. They could be based on a specific product or service they viewed on your site, a specific page they visited or an action they performed. The content of the ad is dynamic and can therefore include any image or text related to their previous browsing experience.

Why Retargeting Works

Retargeted customers are three times more likely to click on your ad and four times more likely to convert than new customers.

For most sites, only 2% of web traffic converts to a sale or other desired action on the first visit. Retargeting (or remarketing) helps companies reach the 98% of users who didn’t convert right away. If you want to reinforce your brand message, giving visitors a reminder of what you’re all about once they’ve left your site, retargeting is the way to do it. We have in-depth experience of running the most effective forms of retargeting campaigns.