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A passion for online marketing, real attention to detail, open and transparent communication plus a willingness to always go that extra mile to deliver on agreed campaign goals. Manish and his team at Digital Dialog have been a pleasure to work with on several successful campaigns for the Tourism Ireland office in the Netherlands over the past two years and I would highly recommend them as a marketing partner agency.

Jacqueline Keogh - Tourism Ireland

Media buying used to be about securing space in print and on billboards, or booking airtime on radio and TV.

Today, digital platforms have not just joined that list: they dominate it.

Social media, search engines and websites are where people spend a huge chunk of their work and leisure time. But knowing which channels will provide the best return on investment and how to use digital advertising management tools is a daunting task. The technology changes rapidly, meaning specialist and up-to-date knowledge of the platforms and algorithms behind them is necessary.

That’s where we come in.

Let’s say you have a great new travel campaign with assets all planned out.

You’ve got a punchy slogan, a clear message, some beautiful images and a video, or perhaps you have an offer coming up that would be perfect for an overseas market, or a new product or service you want to shout about.

How do you get it in front of the people you most want to see it?

Distributing your campaign effectively will be key to its success.

At Digital Dialog, we can target audiences as specific as people who love skiing and live in the north of England, or people who’ve recently been browsing for holidays in your destination.

We use all major digital channels across social media, programmatic display, video, native, email and Google, and are happy to provide advice based on our extensive experience.

Alternatively, if you already know exactly which platforms you want to appear on, we’re happy to just take care of the media buying.

If you also want help crafting your campaign from idea to execution, check out our creative digital campaigns.

The Digital Dialog Difference

Why should you consider Digital Dialog for your digital media buying, rather than doing it in-house or opting for another agency?


We only work with travel brands. That means in addition to our digital expertise, we know the travel industry inside-out and know how to target only the most relevant audience whether they are millenial travellers, Gen Z, families or outdoor enthusiasts.

Rich Insights

We’ve been doing this for more than a decade, for campaigns across Europe and beyond and on every ad platform. In that time, we’ve built up a huge amount of data on what works and what doesn’t for different objectives in various markets and travel businesses.

ROI and Savings

Through our spcialisation in the travel niche and with several succesful campaigns under our belt, we’ve become experts at buying the best quality media at the cheapest prices whether its Facebook, programmatic display, video, native, Google or email. Try us out to see the savings.

Budget Friendly

We deal with both large and small brands, and understand budgeting concerns. We price fairly, and promise not to scare you off with ridiculous figures that don’t match what you’ll be getting from the campaign. Go ahead, talk to us.


Worried about inflated fees? We are fully transparent. You will see where your budget is being allocated, including a breakdown of media and fees via our sophisticated reporting dashboards.


That’s how we describe our campaign management. Modern media buying is not a transaction that you do once and forget about. It’s a continuous process that involves timely and rigourous optimisations and adjustments to ensure campaigns are reaching the desired audiences, meeting objectives and staying within budget.

Tools & Tech

We use only the best in class programmatic media buying platforms to give us maximum efficiency, reach and quality across all major digital channels. In addition to real-time bidding (RTB) we also offer private marketplace deals, preferred deals and guaranteed placements.


We don’t rush, we plan. We take the ‘planning’ part in media planning and buying just as seriously as the ‘buying’ part. This allows us to carefully analyse and recommend only the most appropriate channels based on your specific objectives and not just the latest fad.

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