Over 80 million contacts worldwide.

100’s of successful campaigns.

How we're different

With hundreds of campaigns executed successfully, we know exactly what it takes to deliver outstanding results with email marketing. How do we do it? It’s simple.

We offer data that is not restricted to a single company owned list, but, instead, carefully sourced to meet your specific requirements from a pool of trusted data partners.

This means no matter whatever the industry you’re targeting or the selection criteria you’re after, we can handpick the most relevant email data for you from any of our partners. Because we dip into a vast pool of data from multiple and very often niche sources, the data is far more responsive and less ‘exploited’ than a single company owned list which can suffer from burnout caused by excessive mailings. All this combined with our rock solid campaign best practices makes for an outstanding email campaign.

Our Data

Volume and data sources

We have access to over 80 million highly qualified opt-in email addresses worldwide through our trusted partner network. Our data partners include online and offline companies, premium and niche publishers and a number of lead-generation websites and networks. Data is collected in a variety of methods to cater for different budgets and requirements. At the high and medium-end, highly targeted data is sourced from niche publishers, online surveys and industry specific publishers. At the other end, data is collected through sources such as sweepstakes and competitions. All data is collected responsibly and ethically.

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Selections and targeting

Our lists represent a wide selection of interests and demographics. Interest categories include Travel, Music, Arts, Cooking, Fitness, Shopping, Finance, Gadgets, Gaming, Motoring, Sports, Computing, Pets, Entertainment, Photography, Gardening, Home decoration, Fashion, Beauty, Wine, Gourmet food, Investment and more. Demographics include Age, Gender, Income, Marital Status, Homeowner, Families, Occupation, Educational Level, Income Level and others, depending on requirement


- High-quality single and double opt-in data with permission to receive 3rd party mailings.

- Our email lists and delivery process are fully compliant with IAB’s best practices and adhere to the Data Protection and CAN-SPAM act.

- Data lists are cleansed with each campaign to ensure maximum responsiveness.

- Unresponsive and obsolete data is removed from databases to ensure recency and freshness.

- Lists are always selected and matched by their relevance to the campaign.

- Frequency of deliveries is strictly controlled by our partners to avoid list burnout.

Campaign Management


Our creative team have been designing multi-platform, compliant email creative that generate excellent conversions. Features include:

- Visually stunning design work

- Compelling ad copy with strong call to action

- Mobile friendly

- Fully tested and compatible with major email platforms

- Embedded with tracking codes


Our email campaigns go through a rigorous process involving multiple checks before delivery.

- A/B tested to ensure best response.

- We start with small sends gradually ramping up delivery.

- Sent on the best day at the right time.

- Controlled frequency of send-outs.

- CAN-SPAM compliant (unsubscribe links and senders address clearly displayed).

- Perform any segmentation if necessary.

Tracking and reporting

We offer detailed visibility into the performance of your campaign.

- All creatives are embedded with tracking codes and tracked in real-time.

- Clicks, opens and CTR are measured daily to optimise the campaign.

- Quality of visits is measured on Google Analytics or similar tool. Access required.

- Detailed reporting provided at end of each campaign covering open rate, clicks, CTR, creative performance and our follow on recommendations.

Why work with us?

- Experience with an impressive client list including Atout France, Switzerland Tourism, Corsica Tourism and Optical Express.

- Email marketing agency with hundreds of email campaigns under our belt – and years of experience and a deep knowledge of the industry.

- You’re not restricted to just one list. We have access to hundreds of high-quality national and international lists, including premium and niche publishers.

- Wide selection criteria – ideal for precision targeting.

- Outstanding creative designs — Our design team is experienced in developing rich creative with strong call to action.