Frankfurt Direct


Shannon Airport wanted to promote Lufthansa's new direct flight service from Frankfurt to Shannon. Shannon is the gateway into the Wild Atlantic Way, one of Ireland’s top natural attractions. To raise awareness of this new route and to attract the German leisure market to Shannon, they wanted to let residents in Frankfurt and within a 80 km radius of the city know that they now had the option to fly straight into the gateway of the Wild Atlantic Way as opposed to using other, less convenient airports.


Shannon Airport has an efficient and functional website that clearly states key information relating to flights and airport facilities. However, the website is not designed or intended to inspire holidaymakers. Digital Dialog knew at the outset that to promote this new route, the benefits of the airport alone were not enough to move travellers. The key attractions of the Wild Atlantic Way, the main draw for leisure travellers flying into Shannon, needed to be placed front and center. The goal was to take users through a two stage process. 1) to inspire them with the Wild Atlantic Way using a custom microsite and 2) to then click through to Lufthansa's website from where they could get additional details of the new flight service.

With that in mind we set about designing a bespoke microsite that would inspire German leisure travellers with snippets of each key attraction along with accommodation options. Embedded in the microsite was subtle messaging about the airport and why it was the best choice of starting point to explore the Wild Atlantic Way.

The attractive microsite featured imagery of famous attractions of the WIld Atlantic Way:

1. Cliffs of Moher

2. The Burren

3. The Loop Head Peninsula and Lighthouse

4. Shannon Estuary Drive

5. Dingle, Galway

Through Facebook and Display banner ads Digital Dialog served over 3.5 million impressions to people in and around Frankfurt with an interest in Ireland and travel in general. The ad creative were translated into German and included a compelling call to action to find out more about this new service.


12,000 Landing Page Visits

The campaign was successful in raising awareness of the new route. The landing page attracted over 12,000 visitors, 1/3rd of which went deeper into the consideration phase by landing on Lufthansa's website to find further details of the new service.