Tourism Ireland Lead Generation

Netherlands, Germany and The Nordics


Tourism Ireland regularly sends out newsletters to their subscribers informing them of all the latest offers and news from Ireland. They were keen to grow their database of subscribers in Germany, Netherlands and the Nordic markets.


Digital Dialog’s objective was to generate over 17,000 high quality leads in these markets through a series of lead generation campaigns that ran at different times of the year over a couple of years.


Digital Dialog designed the campaigns around a competition –Win a Holiday in Ireland. This prize was chosen so that those who entered the competition were those with an interest in Ireland. This interest predicts they would both enjoy receiving regular newsletters from Tourism Ireland and have more of an intent to visit one day.

Digital Dialog designed individual landing pages for each market in its native language. As well as presenting beautiful images of Ireland, clear submission forms were displayed to enter the competition accompanied with a newsletter opt in checkbox. The landing pages were hosted on individual domains so that leads came to Digital Dialog in real time meaning optimisations could be made efficiently and promptly where necessary. The channels chosen to drive traffic to the lead generation landing pages were Facebook and Email.

Digital Dialog also designed an email replicating the Tourism Ireland email template thanking them for their participation and also promoting various parts of the Tourism Ireland website. This email was triggered every time someone entered the competition. Due to the minuscule delay between a visitor opting into the newsletter and leads being entered into the Tourism Ireland database, this strategy kept leads fresh and boosted website visits.


Content was created then customised to fit and resonate with each market. Beautiful imagery of Ireland accompanied the text and was targeted at those interested in Irish culture, countryside and towns.


Compelling emails were created with enticing imagery and content attracting people to enter the competition.


The campaigns were very successful in each market – generating an extra 7,868 leads than the target 17,000.

24,868 Leads

1,667,107 people reached

68,912 engagement actions