Serfaus Fiss Ladis


Serfaus Fiss Ladis, an Austrian ski resort wanted to create awareness in the UK leading up to the winter ski season. When the UK market thinks of skiing in Austria, the region in Tyrol is not the first one that springs to mind. Not only did the resort want to create awareness of its existence, it particularly wanted to position itself as the top family ski resort in Austria.


Digital Dialog were given the task of devising and executing a strategy that would introduce and highlight Serfaus Fiss Ladis to families in the UK as the next must visit ski destination.


Digital Dialog came up with a two-pronged strategy that would first create an awareness of the resort and secondly drive consideration. The campaign was divided into two phases to focus on these two goals.

Phase 1 - Awareness

Digital Dialog found that close to the only online mentions of Serfaus Fiss Ladis came from their own website. There were no reviews or editorials directly related to the resort. Phase one involved embedding content on prominent UK ski/snowboarding websites highlighting the facilities and benefits of this family friendly resort. The first phase had immediate results in the form of high quality page views and visits to the website. However, the real benefits of the awareness phase will develop and increase over time – long-term SEO advantages as the pages grow in rank and continue to create awareness about the resort.

Phase 2 - Consideration

Once the seeds of the first phase had been planted, the second phase was to increase awareness and consideration of Serfaus’ offering with targeted campaigns. The chosen channels for this was email and Facebook.

Digital Dialog created ads targeted at parents living in the UK with an interest in winter sports. A mix of video, still images and slideshows were used.


The campaign proved to be very successful. Articles from phase one continue to grow in page rank and can be seen in the first page of organic results on Google.

Phase two reached over 586,377 people on Facebook alone and had over 12,500 engagement actions.