Atout France 

The team at Digital Dialog has always been very proactive and responsive to our needs. Their knowledge of the email, lead generation and social media industry and their experience in this sector makes them a good choice for running some of our campaigns.

Herve La Feurve
Head of Communications at Atout France


Atout France, the French Tourist Board in the UK, is responsible for promoting France and boost the number of visitors coming from the UK. They regularly publish newsletters with information on events, destinations and special offers on holidays in France. This information is also broadcast to the existing subscribers in their database.

Having regularly marketed news and offers to their subscribed database, they were looking to refresh their database by injecting new leads and thereby increasing the performance of their list. Digital Dialog suggested a lead generation campaign.

The objective was to generate 10,000 new subscribers for the email database who have an interest in travel, particularly France.


Digital Dialog designed a strategy that involved generating an interest in newsletters through a competition ‘Win a holiday in Paris’. The prize included Eurostar tickets and stay in a four-star hotel for two. To promote the competition we designed a solus email campaign targeting those with an interest in travel and France. Premium email lists from travel publishers were used for the campaign to generate relevant subscribers.

The creative team at Digital Dialog put together compelling HTML email creative with a strong call to action. A dedicated landing page with a sign-up form was built in order to entice the visitor into entering the competition. The email campaign process started with A/B testing of several different subject lines and the best performing subject line was chosen for the main campaign.

The campaign was launched with weekly bursts to drive traffic to the landing page to enter the competition and subscribe to Atout Frances’ newsletter. An Auto-responder welcome email was set up to send an instant message to the subscribers of the newsletter. This  helped in maintaining the quality of the subscriber base by removing the ones who unsubscribe at the welcome email stage.




Exceeded the target by 20%


Generated 12,000 high quality new leads against the target of 10,000


The welcome email delivered an open rate of 30%