Influencer Marketing

Our influencer marketing service is tailored towards travel and tourism brands. We work closely with your brand to identify the best travel influencers including bloggers, vloggers, celebrities and social media influencers. Through our network of carefully chosen social influencers, we create marketing strategies that leverage the power of influential personalities in promoting your brand and message to millions of potential travellers.

Finding the right influencer is critical to the success of your influencer marketing campaign. You need to engage with an influencer who fits your brand’s values and audience’s aspirations. Whether that’s promoting a spa break in Switzerland or a Christmas market in Germany.

Over the years, Digital Dialog has developed an extensive travel influencer network comprised of trusted and highly effective individuals. With them, we’ve launched several tourism and travel influencer campaigns for clients including Visit Wales, Geneva, Shannon Airport and Switzerland.

While an influencer’s scale in terms of their reach and following is obviously a big consideration, we also choose our influencers based on other success factors. These include the quality of their following and how closely these followers match a brand’s target audience, values and campaign goals. We offer a range of different influencer marketing services to suit every need and budget. Each can be tailored to your unique requirements. They include:

  • Identifying and curating the right travel influencers (as standard)
  • Negotiating contracts and deliverables (as standard)
  • Project management (if required)
  • Developing and overseeing the overarching travel influencer campaign (if required)
  • Working with influencers and clients to develop the best content strategy (if required)
  • Reporting and analysis of campaign performance (if required) 

Digital Dialog also offers a suite of social media services to help you make the most of your influencer campaign. To discuss your influencer marketing ideas in more detail, contact us now.