Influencers' Campaign #YearOfLegends

Digital Dialog brought on board nine Welsh celebrities for a Visit Snowdonia campaign. Drawn from the entertainment, sporting, culinary and business worlds, they agreed to become influencers and ambassadors for their native regions. In short videos or images, they chose their favourite destinations in Wales, and their endorsements were promoted in the North West and Midlands regions through Facebook canvas ads and tweets. It was a huge success in the overall Year of Legends campaign in Wales.

Visit Wales' Year of Legends

Visit Snowdonia was keen to push up the number of visitors to the websites of three County Councils - Gwynedd, Anglesey and Llandudno - and to Snowdonia National Park. Digital Dialog devised a campaign across Facebook and Twitter targeting independent explorers, those interested in Welsh culture, historical sites and stunning landscapes, and those looking for adventure. A polling app was created for users to rate destinations and to involve their friends and followers in the exercise. The campaign generated over 30,000 visits to the client websites.