Over 76,000 visits to Tourism Ireland's website and YouTube channel.

Well done on the great performance of the Northern Ireland campaign. I have been following the performance closely on Google Analytics. I was particularly pleased with the social media results you were able to drive, not only increasing our fan base but also driving qualified traffic to the site.

Manager, Nordic Region at Tourism Ireland


Tourism Ireland is the country’s organisation responsible for managing tourism and helping visitors see the natural, cultural and historical wonders Ireland has to offer. Running a campaign for the Wild Atlantic Way – a scenic 2500km route of Ireland’s west coast – they’re constantly helping visitors take full advantage of their experience in one of the wildest, most naturally-stunning countries in Europe.


Tourism Ireland turned to Digital Dialog for their promotional activities in five European markets: The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, where they were looking to introduce the Wild Atlantic Way; a beautiful route along the country’s west coast – and the longest of its kind in the world. Their goal was to raise awareness of the WAW among adventure lovers around Europe, helping them to discover the culture, the places and the people of Ireland in an epic road trip along the west Irish coast.

The campaign’s objectives were to:

  • Promote the Wild Atlantic Way,
  • Generate high quality web visits,
  • Collect data through competition entries,
  • Generate video views of the Wild Atlantic Way.


Tourism Ireland had two main goals in mind;

  1. To drive traffic to Ireland.com’s WAW campaign page and;
  2. To drive traffic to their YouTube channel (where WAW-related content can be found)

Naturally, we divided our efforts into two phases, using a variety of mediums for both goals.

Phase 1: Drive Traffic To Campaign Page

During this phase, Digital Dialog drove highly-relevant traffic to Tourism Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way landing page – where visitors were exposed to the natural beauty and exciting adventure possibilities that Ireland’s west coast has to offer. Digital Dialog used a tone of voice that instilled a sense of wonder and excitement across every medium of communication – motivating viewers to explore the wonders of the Wild Atlantic Way in person.

We used a variety of online mediums to ensure a high number of quality visitors:

Facebook – Branded newsfeed and column ads on Facebook – carefully targeting relevant demographics using interests, locations and age groups – helped drive high-quality traffic to the campaign page.

YouTube – Pre-roll ads on YouTube engaged users already who were already engaged with entertaining video content.

Email – Incorporated animation with compelling content, sending beautifully-designed, expertly written emails to over 4 million vetted, relevant contacts throughout the campaign.

Web – Beautifully branded banner ads – designed to fit the WAW campaign’s visual theme – were placed on relevant, targeted websites to drive quality traffic.

Phase 2: Drive Traffic To YouTube Page

The objective of the second phase was to drive visitors to Tourism Ireland’s YouTube page where, amongst a variety of high-quality video content, visitors can also find Wild Atlantic Way-related videos. Again, Digital Dialog used multiple channels to achieve this:

Facebook – Through a process of retargeting, previously engaged visitors were exposed to inspiring video content on Facebook for deeper interaction and engagement.

YouTube – Search and in-display ads on YouTube were a powerful way to redirect visitors to Tourism Ireland’s page due to their relevancy as an audience.

Digital Dialog used a wide range of mediums to ensure Tourism Ireland benefitted from the maximum number of visitors. However, we also ensured that ads and promotional content were being delivered to a very specific audience. That is, affluent individuals between 35-55, living within Northern Europe and interested in culture, travel, nature and adventure. This ensured Tourism Ireland – whether from YouTube or the campaign page – benefitted from visitors most likely to convert and become sales prospects.

Digital Dialog Helped Tourism Ireland by…

  • Generating engagement and visibility on social media
  • Increasing YouTube views by 30,000
  • Raising awareness of the WAW as a desirable destination

For an organisation such as Tourism Ireland, success is based on not only the genuine appeal of destinations, but the perception and image of the company, too. With Digital Dialog’s help, Tourism Ireland increased both its online visibility and reputation among its ideal target audience across a wide range of online mediums.




Over 46,000 website visits generated in the Netherlands and Nordic countries


Over 47,500 engagement actions on Facebook posts


Over 30,000 YouTube video views