" Globally, we are very happy with the results, the campaign was very successful! We met our main objective which was to increase visibility and present a dynamic and social image of Geneva. "


Founded in 1887, Geneva Tourism & Conventions Foundation is the public tourism organisation in Geneva. For over 120 years, it has helped position the city as a world-class location for visitors to Switzerland through business activities, supporting local tourism and hosting the renowned Geneva Festival – attracting over 2 million visitors per year.


As Geneva Tourism’s digital marketing agency for UK and Europe, Digital Dialog were tasked with the job of increasing Geneva’s visibility on their social media pages – including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – simultaneously showcasing the beauty of Geneva as a summer destination.

In doing so, Geneva Tourism wanted to increase their number of active, engaged followers on social media and the number of visitors to Geneva. They wanted to demonstrate that despite Geneva’s reputation as an expensive city, as a summer holiday destination it’s an energetic, naturally stunning place of culture and activity.


We based our strategy on user-generated content. Users submitted photos of their fondest summer memories of Geneva via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – with the motivation of winning an iPad Air for the best entry. Every image was seamlessly uploaded to a branded web app that acted as the hub of the competition. Photos with the hashtag #SummerInGeneva across any of these social media platforms were automatically entered into the competition.

Digital Dialog helped Geneva Tourism by…

  • Designing and developing a branded web app
  • Curating an overall brand identity for the competition
  • Creating visuals for social media, Geneva’s website and the tourist office
  • Design of promotional fliers encouraging participation in the campaign
  • Bi-lingual (French and English) copy for social media, website, app and flyers

Digital Dialog carefully positioned both the image and messaging of the entire campaign to appeal to Geneva Tourism’s audience; affluent locals, tourists and expats in Geneva during summer. The campaign both incentivised user engagement and allowed said users to show the world exactly how energetic and beautiful Geneva is as a summer destination from a first-hand perspective. Due to the fact that the campaign was entirely user-driven, it improved both Geneva Tourism and Geneva’s reputation – something difficult to achieve with direct brand-consumer messaging. The campaign simultaneously achieved three, highly-beneficial outcomes for Geneva Tourism:

500+ user photos showcasing Geneva’s appeal during summer
Increased social media visibility, reputation and engagement
Enticed new visitors and tourists to the city


With Digital Dialog’s help, the Geneva Tourism & Conventions Foundation was able to grow their presence on social media and reaffirm Geneva’s position as one of the most pleasant, appealing city destinations in the world.