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In a nutshell

Geneva. A place best known for its association with business and politics. So what’s with the image of these girls apparently having a great time together in this beautiful city? That’s exactly what we at Digital Dialog did for this campaign – we revealed a side of Geneva that makes it as attractive to women in heels as it does to men in suits.

Through a careful analysis of Geneva’s current perception in UK and France we crafted a digital strategy aimed at making the destination a desirable choice for weekend getaways amongst women aged 30+ looking to have a great time with their girlfriends in a relaxed yet sophisticated city. The campaign involved complete digital strategy, concept creation and leveraged social media, email, blogger outreach as the primary channels.


To promote Geneva as a desirable destination for women we had to first understand how the city was viewed in the minds of our target audience and then change this perception. The main challenge was to portray it as a chic, relaxed yet fun city, as opposed to the usual association with business and politics.

Prior to concept and strategy development we had to gain deep insights into the target audiences characteristics in the UK and France. With this in mind, two personas were created to accurately reflect the cultural similarities and difference between the two markets.

These were kept as the main point of reference for the concept, dictating conceptual, creative and implementation adjustments through the campaign. All creative assets were translated and adapted into the respective languages, while the visual output was specifically adapted to appeal to each market.

Concept / Promotion


The campaign revolved around creating a responsive Facebook app designed to engage women online and pique their interest in Geneva for a city break. The app married up two themes popular with the female audience: statement fashion and travel.

We tapped into women’s affinity for fashion and style as a strong pull factor to draw them to play the competition game. The users were given an opportunity to create a look board by selecting fashion items to define their city break style, along with 6 activities meant to spark their interest in visiting the Swiss city.

The look board showcased the user’s chosen fashion items and city break activities in an attractive way and social sharing was enabled to increase the viral potential of the competition. The competition app received a very warm welcome from users, with more than 300 entries on the day of the launch itself.

Email marketing, social media advertising across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and blogger outreach were used to raise awareness of the campaign, promote the package and entice women to enter the competition for a chance to win a weekend with their girlfriends in Geneva.