The Geneva Motor Show is a well-known international event that attracts visitors from all over the world. Digital Dialog has been working with Geneva Tourism to promote the motor show for the third year in a row and has been responsible for generating sales of an exclusive travel package designed specifically with the motor show in mind. The package includes hotel stay, entry to the show, and more.

As a tourist body, the measure of success for Geneva Tourism is based largely in part on the number of overnight stays that the organisation generates. In support of this goal, Digital Dialog developed a multichannel campaign to promote sales of the Geneva Motor Show package.

Target Audience

We began the Geneva Motor Show project by actively researching the target audience for the campaign. We looked at various statistics from previous motor shows as a starting point. Building upon that information, we did research on the type of people who visit such shows. Based upon our conclusions from this research and from the client brief, we developed our target audience which comprised mainly of males aged between 35 to 55 as well as couples travelling without children from France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and the UK.

Following a thorough analysis and development of the target market, we turned our attention to the channels we were to utilize during the campaign. After conducting research, the following channels were deemed appropriate: Facebook, Twitter, Paid search, display advertising, and email marketing.

Creative Design

The creative designed for Geneva Tourism featured the latest cars which would be on display at that year’s motor show. In addition to acting as a preview to the main event, the ads were informative and highlighted the attractive pricing of the event package as well as other perks that could result from purchasing the package. For example, an overnight stay in a hotel made it easy for those flying in for the event to spend one day exploring Geneva and the other at the motor show. The creative was featured in various forms across the campaign.

Keywords were a main focus when it came to paid search. We set up three different targeting themes: ticket, motor show, and package each containing very well researched and highly relavant keywords. By zeroing in on the right keywords, we were able to capitalize on those who were actively searching for the event and its related terms.

Digital Channels

Another aspect of the Geneva Motor Show campaign was email marketing. Digital Dialog utilized Geneva Tourism’s pre-existing email database to promote the package. Engaging HTML Emails were developed specific to the special offer and sent out to Geneva Tourism’s internal database as well as to those who had attended previous Geneva Motor Shows.

Facebook and Twitter promotions were focused on those who have an interest in motor shows and automobiles and we were able to hone in on people who fit this criteria.

Display advertising was a feature of the 2015 campaign for Geneva Tourism. HTML 5 banners were created in a variety of sizes, all of which featured a variation of the creative featuring the latest cars and highlighting the motor show package. In addition to being different sizes, the banners were optimised for mobile and desktop viewing.