The most relevant audience.

Always at the right cost.

Media Buying

Back in the day, media planning was mostly about print, radio, television or billboard. But with the plethora of options that exist within digital today, choosing channels that will provide the best ROI can be an extremely daunting task.

At Digital Dialog, media planning starts taking shape as early as putting together our first proposal for you. It forms a core part of the strategy and is based on two fundamental considerations: reaching only the most relevant audience, always at the right cost.

By combining our customer research skillset with key expertise of various channel performances and the latest trends and updates, we are equipped to match online and offline media to your campaign objectives.

The process of media planning and buying begins with a deep understanding of your audience, their demographics, needs and behaviour, which we apply in identifying the right channels and the right context.

For our multichannel campaigns we only pick the best media in accordance with brand considerations and historical performance. Through daily optimisation, analysis and measurement we are capable of actively adapting the plan to capitalise on the best performing channels in line with campaign objectives. Similarly, we are prepared for early detection of underperforming media and subsequent budget adjustments.

Whether you have already decided which media you want to advertise on or require our planning expertise for your campaign, Digital Dialog will secure the most suitable placements to reach your audience at the best rate. We have extensive access to worldwide inventory across social media, display and mobile, and operate with various pricing models to match your goals.

Our technical abilities span across real time bidding (RTB), programmatic and non-programmatic bidding, offering you the means to achieve your objectives at the most competitive prices. For niche audiences we hand-pick the most suitable placements to fit your customers’ media consumption habits.