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Display advertising has evolved

Online display advertising is growing 12.4% year on year (IAB/PwC 2013 ad spend figures)

In recent years, the emergence of real-time bidding (RTB) networks, demand-side platforms (DSP) and supply-side platforms (SSP) have changed the way display inventory is bought and sold. Programmatic buying as it’s called has eliminated the wastage of bulk buying ad impressions. The complex algorithms that shaped search advertising are now making it possible to buy display ad impressions in real time and at the single impression level. Buying through technology that is based on data, metrics and analysis rather than people has brought in a level of accountability and efficiency never seen before.

But this advancement has also brought with it a much higher level of complexity in the display ecosystem. Navigating through ad networks, exchanges, RTB networks, DSPs, SSPs and trading desks makes the buying process more daunting.

That’s where we come in. We understand the display ecosystem inside out and have the partnerships with key players and the access to major platforms that allows us to deliver your campaign goals using the latest technologies.

Why work with us?

Our reach and data network

Working with us means you work with a single agency that has all the right partnerships and access to platforms. It saves you the hassle of liaising with multiple, disparate networks and exchanges. We have experience of running display campaigns on the Google Display Network, Open X and Yahoo and leverage RTB systems to achieve buying efficiencies and scale.

Quality placements

There’s nothing worse than seeing your beautiful ad creative displayed on a poor quality website. Sadly, the online display world is littered with thousands of such sites. We plan our placements carefully, choosing only the most relevant and high-quality sites for your ads to appear on. We include many Comscore top 100 and top 250 websites, in addition to premium publishers within our placement mix.

Behavioural targeting

Targeting is an integral part of any online campaign and our campaign managers are highly experienced in choosing the most relevant audience. In addition to basic targeting, we use behavioural targeting to ensure we serve impressions to your most chosen audience too. Targeting is done across desktop and mobile users.


Outstanding creative is vital to the success of a display campaign. Our visually stunning and compelling creative is developed in popular IAB compliant sizes and formats that range from Flash to GIFs for both desktop and mobile. We also develop creative in a variety of rich-media formats – or we’ll use the creative work you give us.

Mobile and video

As more and more people use their mobile or tablet for browsing, mobile has become a key part of our targeting strategy for display campaigns. Video is also gaining immense popularity for display ads.

Campaign optimisation

When it comes to campaign management and optimisation, we’re absolutely relentless and obsessive in our approach. Campaigns are monitored and optimised several times a day to keep them in line with ROI objectives.